Stick as he appears in the Internet Series

"SIMMER DOWN!!" -Sticks Catchphrase

Stick is the main charecter of the series (duh)

he is cool and level headed and enjoys cameo appearences in movies, shows, and cartoons. Stick in the original Programming block he had red googly eyes, yellow oval nose, and a wax smile (as seen on bottom right.) in the Internet Show, he has regular eyes and drawn on smile (top right.)


Stick as he appeared in Nick in the Afternoon

Stick on Nick in the AfternoonEdit

"Its time for somthing BIG! or small! you might wanna stay tuned for details!"

-Stick before Nick in the Afternoon airs.

Nick in the Afternoon was not as much a show but a Blockthat was shown in the summer and made its debut on Nickelodeon on June 1995 and was replaced by "Harry and Junes Summer" in December 1998. Stick would always give his adress out at the end of the show by saying: "Write to me! Stick Stickley, PO Box 963, New York City, New York State, 101..08!" Stick would almost always be dipped in a substance picked by the veiwers on the segment "U-Dip" Stick would be blindfolded and dipped into a substance such as fruit punch and guess wildly, if he couldnt get it, other children would willingly volunteer to put they're feet into the same substance and guess.

Stick on The 90's are All ThatEdit

Stick was revived for the late night programming block

The 90's are All That logo

"The 90's are All That" for a U-Pick section and was given a special for the Super Bowl with his brother, Woodnot, he will also get a St. Patricks Day special("Sticks ShamROCKING Weekend".)

Stick is also been given an updated mind as for throwing out refrences to Facebook and Twitter (which where he is taking questions.)

thumb|307px|right|The First Episode of The Stick Stickley Show

Stick in the Internet SeriesEdit

Stick in the Online webshow "The Stick Stickley Show" is given new cast members, a different voice, and a different studio.

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